Our ultimate goal is to enable every camper to reach their full potential.
Through professional guidance and an individualized approach, we strive to create volleyball players who not only play well on the court but also develop a love for the game and a team spirit that will accompany them throughout their sports careers.

Our head coaches

Duško Nikolić

ŽOK Partizan

A coach who built his career on creating new stars.

Aleksandar Berjan

ŽOK Partizan

A coach who built his career on creating new stars.

Key characteristics of coaches in PIVA

  1. Experience: Our coaching experts have many years of experience in working with younger categories of volleyball players, including work at all levels of competition.

  2. Expertise: Each coach has high coaching qualifications, following the latest trends and techniques in the world of volleyball.

  3. Individual focus: We focus on the individual development of each player. This means tailoring training to the specific needs of each individual, to support them in reaching their full potential.

  4. Mentoring and Support: Our trainers are not only instructors but also mentors who provide emotional support and motivation. We are committed to creating a positive environment that fosters confidence and team spirit.

  5. Training: Trainings are held twice a day in the “Aleksandar Nikolic” Hall (Pioneer Hall). During the camp, two training sessions will be organized in the gym so that the participants of the camp will become familiar with the basic principles of work on increasing the physical and conditioning of the players. The group will be formed in such a way that at training, on one field, they work with a maximum of 15 players. 2 coaches work with each group at training.