The organizers of the PIVA camp

Partizan International Volleyball Academy is a camp that is a combination of expertise and dedication, and the quality is guaranteed by the organizers: Volleyball Club Partizan, the company Sporrt Eco, and the citizens’ association First Challenge

Volleyball club Partizan, a long-standing synonym for top sportsmanship, proudly stands behind this tournament. Their expertise and dedication to the development of volleyball contribute to the high level of organization of the event. The club not only supports the tournament but also shares its experience to create an inspiring environment for all participants.

SportEco, a company specializing in the organization of sports events and marketing, brings its rich experience to make the tournament unforgettable. Their team of experts takes care of all the details, from logistics to event promotion, providing participants and visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Citizens’ Association’s “First Challenge” is dedicated to the organization of a camp intended for young volleyball players. Their passion for supporting young talent and developing the sports community makes them a key partner of our event. Through its innovative approaches and dedication, “First Challenge” creates opportunities for young volleyball players to showcase their talent and develop their skills.

VK Partizan


UG First Challenge

This camp is the result of the synergy of three organizers, united to provide an unforgettable experience to all participants. Expect good training and support from experts who share the same passion for volleyball. Get ready for an unforgettable sports experience that will remain etched in the memory of all participants and visitors!